6 Technique Classes

Gives you a full picture of your fitness balance.

The main focus of the course is on effective and safe movement, in order to build an athlete base. We teach safety and progressions and take the opportunity to assess your skills and strengths. The On Ramp is not just intense workouts; It's a fun way to learn and get to know our gym.

The movements build up from basic movement patterns, to gradually more intense and demanding exercises. The progressions are perfectly suitable for a complete beginner. We use Level Method for out assessments which gives you a clear view of where you are at and where to go next.

THE PRICE is 125€ for the course.

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Follow your own program with the guidance of your personal coach

Bring your training to a new level through an individualized coaching program!

Individual coaching is a superb option for those, who wish to pick it up a notch and emphasize and train on their own - with the supervision and guidance of a coach.

Individual coaching means you'll get an individual training program completely fitted to your goals. The individual program is based on the Athlete Screening, done with the coach and includes monthly follow-up on nutrition, lifestyle basics and your progress.

With the individual coaching program, you'll complete your own workouts, but get continual assessment from your coach.

Learn more about Individual Coaching!