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How to get started at CrossFit Sörnäinen

New to CF?
Join our On Ramp!

Get your basic movements up to par with us and build a solid foundation to support your future workouts.

Prior skills in

Are you an experienced athlete? Join our box without participating in the On Ramp and start your training immediately.


Have you got a goal in mind and need a venue where to fulfill it? Join our box and start working on your personal training plan to get momentum.


Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays

6:00 pm

Eight classes with high level and individualized CrossFit coaching


Our beginners course (also called On Ramp) consists of six technique classes, during which we'll thoroughly go through the basic movements of CrossFit, including body weight movements, weightlifting and functional movement. We will also go through how to maintain our physique while working out and sustaining our health. The beginner's course also includes two Friday workouts together with a normal class. The course includes altogether 8 hours of supervised and taught workouts.


The main focus of the course is on effective and safe movement, in order to build an athlete base. The On Ramp is not just an intense workout, but rather consistent coaching in groups of max. 10 participants, ensuring the coach the ability to give personalised support to each athlete.

Movements build up from slow and fairly easy, to gradually faster, more intense and demanding motion. The more advanced movements focus on Olympic weightlifting techniques.

THE PRICE is 189€ for the two-week course, which gives you -100€ on any membership or service after the course.

Should you miss a guided class, you can easily compensate for it by booking a

30 minute PT session with the coach (á 30€).



Train as many times a month you like,

or book your

twice-a-week membership.

Want to start training with us immediately?
Meet up with our coach to learn about CrossFit Sörnäinen and our membership options!

You may also join CrossFit Sörnäinen, without completing the On Ramp. If you feel like you have the required skills to train efficiently and consistently with us, then we welcome you to join us!

All membership programs include group training with an unlimited or twice-a-week training option. Every membership program also includes an Athlete Screening every 3 months, with quarterly follow up. Athletes participating in group training through an active membership, may also join all in-house lectures and bootcamps.

Book a meeting with our couch and let us figure out which membership program fits your goals the best.



Follow your own program with the guidance of your personal coach

Bring your training to a new level through an individualized coaching program!

Individual coaching is a superb option for those, who wish to pick it up a notch and emphasize and train on their own - with the supervision and guidance of a coach.

Individual coaching means you'll get an individual training program completely fitted to your goals. The individual program is based on the Athlete Screening, done with the coach and includes monthly follow-up on nutrition, lifestyle basics and your progress.

With the individual coaching program, you'll complete your own workouts, but get continual assessment from your coach.

Learn more about Individual Coaching!