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Does this sound familiar - you haven’t trained for a while or not at all, or you’ve taken on programs only to quit before completion because it became boring or you didn’t see results. Diet and exercise sounds like a chore and something you don’t look forward to?

Training like an athlete isn’t about going 100% in every workout, spending hours on the treadmill, or starving yourself from the foods you like. Rather, training like an athlete is finding that balance between doing too little and doing too much. Movement Vitality is designed to put that balance into your lifestyle so training and eating becomes fun and something you look forward to. Whether your goals are to have the ideal bodyweight with the right fat and muscle percentage, have a healthy strong and flexible body, or to increase your weightlifting and bodyweight performance.

✅ Kickstart your fitness journey
(after an injury, or a pause in training)

✅ Weekly small group Personal Training


✅ Nutrition Plan


✅ Personal Training program


✅ Workouts everybody can do!


✅ Focus is on nourishing joints, improving posture, increasing daily energy, so you feel healthy strong and happy!


✅ Balanced muscle tone & flexibility

Movement vitality is a 3 month group personal-training course developed with years of knowledge from practices in Movement, Crossfit, Calisthenics, Breathing, relaxation and nutrition. The Program is held in Helsinki’s most personal Crossfit Box, in Kallio

✅ Sundays 18:00-19:00 Small Personal Training Group
With a pause 22nd and 29th December 🎄


The Coach, Harry Peacock, comes from a background in Karate, calisthenics, and weightlifting. When he came to Helsinki in 2015 he found Crossfit Sörnäinen and started Coaching athletes. “People training in gyms, calisthenics and some people in CrossFit would come across common injuries or problems in their program. When you train- mindfulness in movement is vital to avoid these injuries and road blocks. On top of that, people with a busy lifestyle often have excuses (good ones too) why they can’t train. It is completely possible to be healthy, happy, flexible and strong until an old age. For those who do have a busy lifestyle- kids, working 2 jobs, insane working hours, this course is for you too.”


For the home workouts you can use pair of dumbbell weights. If you don’t use dumbbells there are a great variety of calisthenic alternative exercises which gives the same results.



The discounted price is in total 99€/month (total price 297€; normal price 375€)

Payment via netbank, card, cash or sport vouchers are all OK.

Signup is limited to a small group of 6 people. Course will be held if a minimum of 4 people sign up.


Easy to follow nutrition plan specific to your goals.


Personalized training plan based off your goals. With follow up of results.


Sundays 18.00-19.00

@ CrossFit Sörnäinen

10.11.2019 - 9.2.2020

(Dec 22 & 29 paused)

The course is 4-6 people.


The Presonal Trainer is available to answer your questions through the whole week and course.

What's Included:

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Questions to:  /  Tel. +358 442 357 396


Minimum signups is 4 people/course. Maximum is 6.

You'll receive a confirmation in 1 workday.

Coach Harry Peacock



Käenkuja 3aD


00500 Helsinki

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