Personal Training at Crossfit Sörnäinen

  • Individual care

We'll work on what you need. And working 1-on-1 makes the workout safe as can be and efficient.

  • Professional coaches

We train all our coaches rigorously on movement magic, scaling and safety.​

  • Workouts are clearly explained

You don't have to worry about what to do.​

  • Results

Are guaranteed. All you need is to show up.​

Personal Training with a knowledgeable coach is the best way to get started and in taking your health to the next level – the coach will make sure you train safely and will plan and adapt the workout based off two parts:

  • Your training background and fitness right now. Making an assessment is part of the program. : )

  • Your goals: may vary, depending on if you want balanced health, focus on aesthetics, performance in a specific sport or career.

—> Once we have the Assessment and goals we can make an outline for a program and we’ll adjust it each workout to how we’re making that day.


We’re assuming that you are interested in living life as wholly as possible - being fit and sharp now, as well as ten and twenty and fifty years from now. We assume you want to be happy and celebrate your victories.


On top of that you may have specific goals and missions that require specific work. Roller derby, CrossFit, police, ambulance- and firemen, office work, six-packs and big biceps, all have slightly different profiles to aim at.


Training-wise we’re using many methods to get you where you want, but we do believe that health comes from training both aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways as well as strength.


Strength balance is just as important to avoid and prevent injuries and pain. We track the numbers and correct them for you so you don’t even have to think about them (unless you want to, we can of course show exactly what and how).


Booking times on the phone is potentially the fastest way, if you want to start training asap. Or book a chat with one of our coaches in the calendar directly. No Sweat. : )

A no-sweat intro is meeting a coach, to discuss your goals, without obligation to buy anything.