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Something different, from your friendly neighbourhood gym…


The Stress Free Challenge is for you, your friends, your family, your coworkers - anyone who wants to lower stress, anxiety and put their mind on something positive while making leaps in health and fitness.

We'll focus on things we can (actually) control:

  1. Work to build & refine powerful habits

  2. Support immunity

  3. Build fitness

  4. Improve mindset

  5. And last but not least: Lower stress NOW. 



Kick off webinar starts 19:30 on THURSDAY, Nov 10!

Challenge: 14.Nov - 9.Dec

Seems like everyone is super busy and stressed these days. With the economy, inflation, recession, gas prices, war... it can feel like the universe is plotting against us.


The thing is, all of that is outside of our control... there's not much we can do except sit back and bite our fingernails, and that's a recipe for stress.


The answer is to put your time, energy and focus on what you can actually control...

So grab your friends and family, and let's unite in this battle against stress, anxiety, overwhelm.  

Cost: 19,9€ (9,9€ for members)


If you have a lot going on, you might be thinking... "uh oh, I'm already busy, I don't have time for this..."

But here's the thing, we won’t be throwing a bunch of rules at you to stress you out even more. Actually, quite the opposite.

We will be focusing on healthy habits that (hopefully) become part of your everyday routine from now on.


The number of habits you choose will be up to you, but all the options have been shown to significantly decrease stress and boost the quality of your life.


Being stress free for 4 weeks is great, but ideally the habits you learn or refine can last a lifetime! 

 We are sticking to 4 CORE AREAS:  


1) Foundational Habit

2) Morning Habit/s

3) Evening Habit/s

4) Movement Habit/s


The foundational habit will be to eliminate (or at the very least, lower) sugar and alcohol consumption. 


Week 1 will be very simple, and each week will add a new simple habit to focus on in each of the core areas.


This isn't an all or nothing challenge. Meaning, if you have sugar one day, you aren’t out of the challenge for good. You take one less point for that day and you move on. 


We’re moving fast on this, and we’ll have more details coming soon. This is an incredible opportunity to focus on habits that will make you less stressed! 

If you'd like to join us, fill out the form and you'll be on the list!

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