Tired of the old gym routine? Is it time to get real results?

We know it can be difficult to get started, and knowing what to do!

 Churning the same program at the gym, or on the treadmill, can be challenging to say the least. It's not only boring, but maybe you don't even get the results you want? Doing it on your own is even harder! We been there too. 


Working it with a coach and workout buddies makes all the difference in the world, which is why CrossFit is one of the best working fitness programs in the world: the guidance and the people around you make it work. The coaches plan a well-rounded program that changes from day to day, to guide you upwards and onwards: no matter if you are a national level athlete, or a web-designer with no previous barbell experience. 


Why CrossFit Sörnäinen?


You, You, You! :)

Training is all about where you are now. And where you want to get. The coach gives you the map to get from point a to point b, as fast a possible, and you set the rules for that adventure!
We cap our classes at 10 people per workout so that everybody has a chance to get proper coaching, and if you have special needs, say a sore knee, we adapt your workout to your needs.


Screening / Health evaluation  + 1-on-1 Consultation

In order to get results we need to measure things. Some things we measure at every workout: work capacity, strength... But to know what your goats are, the things that may hold you back, we include a tri-monthly check-up on all our memberships. We look at flexibility and stability problems, and the foundations of all movements, plus measure muscle balance to know how to correct any problems. Test and re-test every three months. On top of that we offer advice on diet/nutrition and individual programming. Read more here.


Community and Coaches

Tried working out without a training buddy? Or perhaps group training where you never even knew the name of your training neighbor? CrossFit is high intensity really really well planned by our programmers - BUT what makes it work as well as it does is the community around you. It's good people who're creating friendships through the sweat and blood we shed together (yes, there will be blood). It's the passion that the coaches put into teaching movement every single day. All our coaches LOVE what we do; we're nerds when it comes to ankle position in a low-bar-back squat, and how to periodize the next mezo-cycle. Here's more about us.


CrossFit Works.

Every single aspect of the training program is aimed at increasing fitness. Fitness is the the same as health and wellness and a lot more: but the point is that we can guarantee results! We put in the work at high intensity, constantly varied, and it just produces people who are awesome at life. It's not the only sport that works, but it's damn well near the best one! Read more about why it work here.



So How can I get started?


Come in to our Open House Workout: we'll do a workout suitable for all levels, and you'll get a good idea of what a CrossFit workout will be! See when the next Open House Workout is HERE.


 You can also enroll on our beginner's course. For a sound technical foundation first, we offer beginner's courses both individually and in groups, typically going once a month. Read more HERE.


You can also come in, get a tour and ask all your questions with one of our coaches - don't worry, we don't hire sales-people, just passionate fitness experts! Book a time HERE to know we'll have a coach available, or perhaps just drop in when we're open!

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WOD for Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016

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Week Planning 26.9 – 3.10

MONDAY - 2k Row Time Trial TUESDAY - The CrossFit Total (Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift) WEDNESDAY - Gymnastics Tests (static holds and/or Pullups, HSPU, Toes-to-bar)...


WOD for Monday, Sep 26, 2016

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Clean (= squat clean / full clean)The CLEAN: Barbell starts on the ground and you catch it in a deep squat. Extend all the...


WOD for Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

EMOM 20 minEMOM 20 min Even: 10''-25'' wall facing HS Hold or HS Hold + Shoulder Taps 10-15 reps (more than last time), then Freestanding HS...


WOD for Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016

Wednesday strength or skillsSquats / bench press (if not done already) or EMOM: HS walk progressions Kipping pullups F: 5 rounds of core5 rounds for Quality: 60m heavy Farmer's Carry...


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