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Creating happiness through education, training and community.

We've been around since CrossFit hit! And we've made an effort to keep the sense of a small and friendly gym, even though we've developed and grown through the years. We are well known for our cosy and close-knit atmosphere, where we enjoy to know who we train with.

See what people think furhter below here.


We help with fitness and health for people who work in front of a screen, so you can have a clear workout program that you happily stick to.

“Creating happiness through education, training & community”


We help you skip all the uncertainty about what to do in the gym with a clear training plan, community, education and safety programmed in.



"Fostering an inclusive community that is not just for hardcore crossfitters"


“I think it was so nice to come there every time even alone because you made me feel very welcomed. I also really liked how in the beginning of every workout we went through all names and the question of the day. Helps to meet new people in that environment! -Aliisa”


Coaches are very friendly and supportive and I always feel welcomed. Classes in general have great atmosphere. 

Name one thing you think we could do better:
Can’t name anything at the moment.

How would you rate us overall on a scale of 1-5?:
5 “


“The quality of the coaching and teaching is excellent, the atmosphere/culture at CrossFit Sörnäinen is really great and personally these are two reasons I like it so much. Also as someone who likes the smaller classes, I really value that you run classes with a small number of participants. I still see others people from my On-Ramp who have subscriptions, which is a nice sign.”


“Very supportive and generous with tips and guidance”


“The gym is very friendly and the atmosphere contributes to a low entry barrier for working out, both as a new person coming to training or after a possible break. The set-up is very inclusive for all levels and you feel very welcomed to practice and improve. My first year has been a very positive experience
The guidance to movements is very good; also a lot of knowledge with coaches for possible substituting movements, when needed.”


“The atmosphere at the gym is warm, encouraging and welcoming and the workouts are fun but challenging.“


“Giving instant advice on what kind of exercise to do instead of an exercise that doesn’t suit me at times when my back (etc) hurts. I’m very happy that I’ve been able to exercise fully in class even though my back has been sore, doing other kinds of exercises to 100%.”


“In the gym there is always a very warm and encouraging feeling around, it is nice to come there” 5/5


“you keep your standards in high and right level in your way of training and classes “ 6/5 stars


“The coaching has been excellent so far. I like that you correct every time if you see need for improvement in the movements etc. — — You get an overall 5. I have been super happy with you! Keep up the good work.“
- Siiri



We're all looking to maximise health. Live a larger life. Be more alive.

The Level Method is a system that shows you exactly where you stand in fitness. It gives you the knowledge, and us coaches the tools, to help you achieve your goals faster than ever before. The simplest way is to think of martial arts - white to black belt.

The MAP (“Method of Athletic Progression”) is a detailed yet easy-to-understand chart of athletic tests:

• 15 categories

• 32 Levels

• Male and Female Progressions



Well-rounded fitness allows us to enjoy life more. Experience things without training (hiking, biking, playing with kids, just have more energy for life)


Safety is a key factor in longevity. Health and Fitness is a long-term endeavor and to make progress you need to stay in the game. And although injuries can occur anytime and anywhere in life, training smartly and methodically


Each  milestone you achieve is important to keeping you motivated and progressing. We also like to have fun and build a strong support system. Use all the resources and tools available to you, plug yourself into the community,  and you will succeed. 

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