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Start Your Journey to Better Health with Nutrition Coaching at CrossFit Sörnäinen

Transform Your Body, Boost Your Performance, and Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Welcome to CrossFit Sörnäinen Nutrition Coaching! Nutrition is the cornerstone of your CrossFit transformation. It's where a significant part of your change will come from.

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About Our Approach

Ever tried dieting or a ready-made meal plan? It’s hard, isn’t it? At CrossFit Sörnäinen, we take a different approach to nutrition coaching. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all meal plans that often lead to frustration and failure.


Instead, we focus on cultivating sustainable daily habits that work with your tastes, decisions, and lifestyle.

No Meal Plans, Just Sustainable Habits


We don't believe in meal plans because they simply don't work in the long run. Instead, we'll work together to build small, manageable daily habits. These habits may include ensuring you consume enough protein, maintaining regular eating patterns, or balancing your plant-based diet.

✅ Muscle Building

✅ Weightloss

✅ Energy & Sleep Boost

✅ Going Plant-based

Guidance & Support

With CrossFit Sörnäinen Nutrition Coaching, you're never alone. Our coaches will be there to support you every step of the way. You can reach out to us via WhatsApp or calls whenever you need guidance or encouragement.

Base Phase include:

✅ 30 min start-up meeting.

✅ Weekly checkins of 15min

Weekly Check-ins in Base-Phase

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Stay accountable and track your progress with our weekly check-ins. During these sessions, we'll review your achievements from the past week and create a plan to conquer the next one together.

✅ At the gym

✅ Remotely

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Why Choose CrossFit Sörnäinen Nutrition Coaching

Get started!

Ready to fuel your performance and transform your body with sustainable nutrition coaching? Schedule a free consultation with one of our nutrition coaches today!

  • Experienced Coaches: Our coaches are experts in both CrossFit and nutrition, ensuring you receive tailored guidance.

  • Sustainable Results: We're committed to helping you make lasting changes in your health and fitness. We’ll draw a map for what needs to happen for the change you want, and what maintenance looks like after you reach your goal(weight).

  • Personalized Approach: Your nutrition plan will be uniquely designed to fit your tastes and decisions.



“I have learned how to eat cleaner and what my protein intake should look like.”

- 4kg
- 2,5% fat
+ 1,5% muscle
Surprised by the results. 😎



- 6.9 kg

- 5,7% fat

+ 1,8% muscle

Better rhythm.

Progress at the gym.

Stopped craving sweets.



“My gut feels better”
-3,8% fat
Better energy levels.
Cravings are gone.
Workouts feel better.

  • Is there any contract time?
    This is one of our most personal programs yet, so we know you'll love it. But if you don't we don't want to bind you either. You go one month at a time. We do cycle the program with a three month periodizing model, with re-testing in the end.
  • What's the prerequisites?
    Since we adapt the workouts to training background - and with exact measurements we'll know exactly what we can do - you don't have any prerequisites. What you like matters more: if you don't like a social environment, or working with a coach, you probably won't like this. And the FBB is also not a group class, so you want a degree of personal freedom at the gym.
  • When and how does the program's start?
    We're cycling slightly different themes over a three month period - with strength testing in conjunction with the Assessment weeks the gym has every quarter. Which cycle you start with doesn't matter super much - the variation in themes just help avoid stagnation (that the body stops adapting to the training).
  • How much does it cost?
    How much is a team of coaches and mentors worth? The Functional Bodybuilding program here is 167,2€/month, which includes: Access to the gym (unlimited) Coach at the gym Weekly program delivered via app (chalkitpro) with workout description and videos. Follow up by coach weekly on results and questions online. Weekly guidelines for nutrition. Monthly meeting with a mentor, centering about nutrition. State-of-the-art fitness profile via our assessment system, the Level method.
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