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Thinking of going sober?

Alcohol can be many things - for me it can easily serve as social lubricant. It's associated with celebrating wins, and time with friends.

It also gives hangovers the day after - messes with sleep quality - and stops metabolism while the etanol still circulates our bloodstream. Plus one gram of alcolhol has the same ammount of calories as one gram of fat does, with the additional drawback that while we burn away the alcohol our bodies don't metabolize fats and carbs normally.

And for some of us consuming alcohol is outright damaging. We can't handle the amount or worst case, we turn aggressive and hurt ourselves or others.

There are many reasons to go completely sober; and many have made that decision. That said, I am not saying you should. But if you have been thinking about it, here are a few links to accounts on instagram with people who have taken that decision.

To inspire in one way or another.

Problems come when decisions are made subconsciously or by others and not yourself.

The first two ones are because she wanted to feel better, and she has lots of mocktail options to experiment with also. The second one is a bit tougher in his convictions, because his decision was based more on alcohol taking over life if he allows it, so he's transformed that into something positive. The Ginger tea is a good option (he sells a recipe, but one can also google ginger shot recipes).

That being said, nobody is saying you should go all out. But do have a thinker about your habits and how the consequences of those affect your life. As long as you make a conscious decision it's perfect. The problems come when decisions are made subconsciously or by others and not you.

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