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The Surprising Solution to Keep Motivation High

I’ve followed many brilliant workout programs in my career - one was a few years ago with awesome methodology for creating like a bulletproof body. It had movements that were drilling just the things I needed to move forward without aggravating my knee.

The problem was I grew super bored with the program after two months. It never changed and didn’t give me a longer term plan. It was like grunt work. I knew I needed it, but didn’t want it. Sound familiar?

We start some things engaged and it feels like we can get to our goals in a few weeks. 😎 #likeaboss

1. Define goals. What specifically do you want to? And ask yourself: why is it important to me? (We will ask you that, if you meet with a coach; so that we can understand the goal better).

The next step in workouts is to keep track of progress: take the most important movements in your goals and write down your score (kilos, time, speed) for it every time you do it.

2. When you see that there is progress THAT is when motivation comes.

It’s more important to see that the work pays off than getting to the goals. Because in the long run keeping a HABIT of working out is more important than reaching a specific target. Rather baby steps than one giant leap.

3. Prepare for times when it’s a struggle.

You won’t always want to work out. I don’t always want to brush my teeth either, right? But I do want my mouth to be healthy - and I do not want to repel people with my breath.

Every week I take Friday morning an hour to plan out my next week’s schedule. I use a checklist to remind myself of everything that is important (download a copy here; but your checklist most likely looks different, you might not want to learn Spanish for example). But I put in workout times in my schedule every week, so it’s booked beforehand. I also plan out my dinner/lunch food prep times.

MY WEEKLY CHECKLIST (minus work items)

[Organize System]

  • Brain Dump

  • Things Inbox

  • Physical Folders / References

[Journal & High Level Navigation]

  • Key Question.

  • Values, Purpose: Reminder of who you are.

[Week Plan]

  • Calendar Review (anything to cancel?)


  • Self Care

  • Video Home

  • Writing

  • Social Events

  • Spanish

  • Food Planning

  • Workout Times planned

Often we think motivation is this magical thing that gets us started. But it’s really created from keeping track of our goals and noticing if our work is getting us closer towards them. Getting the wins are super important for keeping us going. More important than doing the most efficient program.

(That’s why tooth paste has this oil in it that feels a bit stingy in the mouth after we brushed our teeth; it is not necessary for mouth hygiene, but the pepper mint oil feels “fresh” and our brain rewards us for that freshness feel).

Here’s how to keep motivation up:

Step 1: Make a Plan (our coaches are more than happy to help you with that for free)

Step 2: Assess (get your starting numbers; we use the level method for this)

Step 3: Address (here’s the work outs)

Step 4: Re-assess (to measure wins, and celebrate them!)

If you want to talk goal setting with a coach, you'll find our calendar here.

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