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Pork and Roasted Parsnips - Perfectly balance Macros

Perfect macros is about balancing the proteins, carbohydrates and fats for good insulin levels. When the balance is right, we can maintain high alertness.

Perfectly balanced meal for a medium-large male. The portion includes 110 g pork fillet and 250 g roasted parsnips.

The parsnip is also an excellent alternative for potatoes if want wants to eat a little healthier or if one wants to be able to eat a bigger portion. These are roasted in the oven with salt, black pepper and a little olive oil.

The salad and the cucumber can always be added as they are extremely low on calories (as long as there is no sugar in the pickles).

A good portion size for medium-large woman (normal size) would be about 80 g pork and 200 g parsnips.

If you want to learn more about what kind of portions that fits YOU, check out our nutrition program :)

“You can see that the way to get your insulin level too high (hyperinsulinism) is to eat too much carbohydrate. How much carbohydrate is that? In the qualitative sense, your insulin level is “too high” if it is driving up your blood pressure, making you fat or reducing your ability to suppress blood sugar after eating carbohydrate." - CrossFit Training Guide, page 46.

How To

  • Put out the meat in room temperature beforehand if possible (maybe 30-60 min) but cover it.

  • start by heating the oven to 225-250 degrees Celsius, take out an oven tray and put on an oven paper.

  • Parsnips don’t need peeling so just cut them into wedges. Don't make them too big cause then they will take forever to roast. Something like 1,5-1,5 cm thick should be quick enough. Place them on the oven tray, spray some olive oil on them and add spice if you want (I have used just salt and black pepper on mine). put them in the oven.

  • Take a 5-10 min break from the cooking, maybe plan your next meal or make your to-do list for tomorrow.

  • Cut and dry the pork or other protein option you are using. If you are using pork cut into about 2 cm thick slices and fry in an iron skillet for 2 min per side. Spice as needed (I used salt, black pepper and a little garlic powder on mine).

  • Slice the cucumber and salad if needed.

  • The parsnips are done when they are soft all the way through. Test them with a fork.

  • use a scale to get your measurements right. I put it under my plate, reset to zero, add the parsnips, set to zero, add the pork.

  • enjoy with a small glass of room tempered tap water :)


We've had really good results with our nutrition program! The program is 4 meetings with a coach.

The first step is to track your food - writing it down in an app or on paper - and then meet with the coach. We'll use your current habits and work on small tweaks at a time. It's easier to stick to a plan that works the way you do. Starting a completely new diet from scratch is much more difficult.

Over the four weeks we continue tweaking.

The benefit of having a coach for help is accountability. When you know you have someone who will see your log it's easier to keep clean. And when you yourself keep track, you become aware of what is happening: often we believe that we do not eat much candy or fat, but when adding up the numbers one is often surprised. Same goes with protein intake, but in the opposite way: we usually think we eat much more protein than we do in reality.

Want to talk with us about the nutrition program? Book a consultation here (free).

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