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What does your perfect day look like?

We been isolated for a month and a half. It’s almost like an adulthood rite - you’re separated from your tribes, perhaps from your closest friends.

I have been away from my partner for two months now - and I’m realy bad with distances and waiting in normal time, so this time has been super hard for me. I’ve cried, and been bitter, and sometimes despaired.

It has also taught me some things.

A drill we’ve used in business development is defining a perfect day. What does a perfect day look like?

What do you do?
When do you wake up?
What does the bulk of your time go to?
What is important for you to thrive, to be happy?

That’s perfectly valid for anyone, not just an entrepreneur - what is important and what have I perhaps realised that I do not really want, now that I know what I know from self-isolation?

Now. Perhaps you’ve never done this before, and that’s fine, but for me it’s slightly different now that I know how life looks with a home office.

The things I know is that people mean a lot to me.

And I know that moving - low impact movement and a balanced workout program - makes wonders to me.

I know that I can eat a little less than I thought. (I’ve lost 5kg during this month).

Now, it's your turn. What is your perfect day? What values are important to you? What kind of impact on your world do you want to have?

/ Miska

“Three things in life: your health, your mission and the people you love. That’s it.” —Naval Ravikant


Can we help? Let us know; we’re awesome with movement education and with nutrition. But we know habits and life too. Call us. Email us.

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