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Train - Eat - Sleep

If you start developing any overuse injuries, such as joint pains, aches and soreness, look closely at your diet. Have you introduced new foods that are causing inflammation, or are you falling off the paleo wagon and blaming training for pains/aches instead of improving your diet? If the diet is impeccable and soreness remains, lay off the exercises that aggravate the tender spot for 7-14 days.

//CrossFit Journal 2009/11, Leo Soubbotine

PAIN should be avoided. If a joint aches, or a muscle stings, that’s a clear warning signal. It needs to be taken seriously. I’ve seen many athletes ignore them and then being off a full training regimen for months because the aches just kept getting worse. And once you start taking care of them late, it takes time.

The coach - who is there every single hour we are open - can help find alternative movements for the right stimulus, but without the pain.

SLEEP is also crucial - if you have your food dialled in perfectly, but sleep less than 7 hours, you still not recovering.

The whole idea with training (strength in particular) is to break the body down. And then give it time to rebuild stronger. That rebuilding time takes a week in average. So if soreness lasts longer, you have a warning signal.

We’re here to help with that. Book a chat with a coach to discuss solutions, if it’s difficult for you to eat enough or sleep enough. We also have a brilliant nutrition program, to help look at the food amount and quality. Even more importantly, it gives accountability. Knowing the coach will look at your food diary makes it much easier to make a good decision.

Here's a free download on recovery:

BLG - CrossFit Sörnäinen
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