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Salmon and Sweet Potato

Eating fish regularly is a very healthy habit. And it’s so tasty! Here we have 150g salmon topped with 3/4 dl yoghurt and on the side 200g sweet potato. So you get a fairly large portion with these healthy ingredients. These are measurements for a large male. For a smaller person about 100g salmon, 150 g sweet potato and 1/2 dl of yoghurt. For spices I’ve used salt, lemon pepper and dill on the salmon and some tarragon on the sweet potato. The colour orange itself is very healthy as well as it contains a lot of vitamins, beta carotene and other good stuff. They help lower blood pressure, are good for the eyes and balances the bodies PH value. If you want to learn more, check out our nutrition program :)

“1) If you could not have harvested it out of your garden or farm and eaten it an hour later, it is not food. 2) Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, and do not go down the aisles. 3) If it has a food label on it, it is not food. You do not see that on the chicken. It is not on the tomatoes. But it is on the chips and cookies. 4) If it is not perishable, if it says “Best if used before 2022,” it is not food. - CrossFit Training Guide, page 47

Think of the ingredients in a meal as better the rawer they are, because they don't generally contain the amount of calories that make for hyperinsulinaemia (elevated insulin levels).

How To:

  • Start by letting the minced meat rest in room temperature for about 30 min.

  • Chop the onion ADD VIDEO HERE

  • Chop the cabbage

  • Fry the onion in a metal pot with some olive oil and add some spices (I used salt, black peppar and then nutmeg as the hero spice)

  • add the cabbage and stir it together and add a little more olive oil. stir-fry this for a little while and when the cabbage look glased and a little soft add a little water and let it steam for a while.

  • fry the minced meat in an iron skillet. maybe add some salt and black peppar.

  • when the cabbage has gone completely soft (this takes a while) its done.

  • put your plate on the scale and reset to zero. Add cabbage, set to zero, add meat, add lettuce and cucumber if you want (these does not affect your macro count)

  • This is very low in carbs so to balance out your proteins you can have a fruity/berry dessert (see suggestions above) or maybe some lingonberries with the food.

  • enjoy with a small glass of room temperatured tap water :)

Nutrition Program

In 4 Weeks -3,5kg 2,4% fat”

We've had really good results with our nutrition program! The program is 4 meetings with a coach.

The first step is to track your food - writing it down in an app or on paper - and then meet with the coach. We'll use your current habits and work on small tweaks at a time. It's easier to stick to a plan that works the way you do. Starting a completely new diet from scratch is much more difficult.

Over the four weeks we continue tweaking.

The benefit of having a coach for help is accountability. When you know you have someone who will see your log it's easier to keep clean. And when you yourself keep track, you become aware of what is happening: often we believe that we do not eat much candy or fat, but when adding up the numbers one is often surprised. Same goes with protein intake, but in the opposite way: we usually think we eat much more protein than we do in reality.

Want to talk with us about the nutrition program? Book a consultation here (free).

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