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Taco Salads & Tortillas

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Perfecly Balanced Fajitas.

Who doesn't like Fajitas? 🌯Though bread always adds a lot of carbs/calories it’s sometimes doable to sneak it in to ones diet. Here is a medium size oat tortilla with 55 g minced meat (spiced with cumin and turmeric), 30 g onion 🧅 , 20 g mango 🥭 and some cucumber 🥒 and lettuce 🥬. Very yummy 😋 and the best part is that as a large male you can eat two! As a female or smaller male the smaller size tortilla (x2) would work 😊 nom nom. If you want to learn more about how to balance your meals check out our nutrition program :D

“It has nothing to do with genetics. The genetic part is an intolerance to excess amounts of carbohydrate. It is no different than having a genetic predisposition to alcoholism. Having the gene for alcoholism does not mean it will necessarily be expressed. You would have to drink alcohol. If you do not drink alcohol, you probably will not suffer from alcoholism, at least not in the clinical manifestation of it." CrossFit Training Guide, page 47

What the Training guide was talking about was how high carb diets lead to elevated insulin levels and elevated insulin levels cause weight gain, diabetes, elevated blood pressure and heart problems in the long run.


  • If possible let the meat rest in room temperature (covered) for 30-60 min before cooking.

  • Start by frying the minced meat (can be exchanged for tofu). Spice as you want (I have used cumin and turmeric which is one of my faves and also slightly anti-inflammatory). If you are using pork or beef use an iron skillet but for chicken or tofu a teflon pan is usually better. I like to fry it until I get it to a more golden brown colours and a little crispy (but not burned).

  • Chop the onion, cucumber and mango.

  • place a tortilla bread on your plate. (I use oat)

  • place the plate on your scale and reset to zero, add an ingredient, reset, repeat.

Fun fact: if using tofu, as its a legume it actually becomes a burrito and not a fajita ;)


We've had really good results with our nutrition program! The program is 4 meetings with a coach.

The first step is to track your food - writing it down in an app or on paper - and then meet with the coach. We'll use your current habits and work on small tweaks at a time. It's easier to stick to a plan that works the way you do. Starting a completely new diet from scratch is much more difficult.

Over the four weeks we continue tweaking.

The benefit of having a coach for help is accountability. When you know you have someone who will see your log it's easier to keep clean. And when you yourself keep track, you become aware of what is happening: often we believe that we do not eat much candy or fat, but when adding up the numbers one is often surprised. Same goes with protein intake, but in the opposite way: we usually think we eat much more protein than we do in reality.

Want to talk with us about the nutrition program? Book a consultation here (free).

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